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Motorcycle Accidents

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Illinois, you have likely incurred substantial physical and financial losses: medical bills, costs of rehabilitation, disability or disfigurement, lost wages / income, and pain and suffering. Many motorcycle accident victims believe that their only recourse is their insurance provider. This belief is incorrect. Contact motorcycle accident attorney Aaron Bryant in Chicago, Illinois, free a free consultation on your motorcycle crash.  Our law firm of represent motorcycle accident victims throughout the Chicago metropolitan area, including DuPage County, Will County, Cook County, and Lake County. The law firm will promptly address any concerns, aggressively prosecute your claim and work to maximize the compensation you receive.

Often, other drivers fail to use necessary caution around bikers. A missing street sign, a malfunctioning traffic light, or poor road design or construction can lead to a motorcycle accident.

Similar to a car accident or trucking accident, Illinois law requires motorists to carry vehicle insurance.  When there is a motorcycle accident, many questions arise about the adequacy of insurance coverage.  What happens if the driver causing the auto accident has only the minimum coverage ($25,000) required by law, but your medical bills are $40,000?  Can anything be done?  Have you ever heard of underinsured motorist coverage?  Most people haven’t and are surprised to learn that this coverage is automatically part of the liability car insurance you purchase to protect yourself in the event you cause an auto accident.   

Motorcycle Accidents