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Construction Accidents

A construction injury to either workers or visitors while on construction sites are often due to the unsafe nature of the worksites. Power tools, partially built structures, scaffold falls, ladders, lifts, heavy machinery and rotating crews of tradesmen account for some of the hazards on construction sites.  If the injured party’s employer is the cause of the injury and unsafe condition, the victim can file a worker’s compensation claim while recuperating from the injury. Many incidents, though, are complicated and involve numerous parties who were involved in the negligence on the jobsite. Such cases require separate construction accident lawsuits to compensate the victim and his or her family for injury or death for the negligence.  

General contractors, subcontractors, site owners and manufacturers of the tool or machine being used may be held liable for the construction accident injuries. Construction accident cases are complicated and involve much work. The attorneys at The Bryant Law Group are committed to working hard for its clients in their attempt to obtain what is just and fair for their clients if they are injured in a concstruction accident. Call the law firm today for a free consultation at (312) 614-1076 on your construction accident or workers compensation case.

Construction Accidents

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